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Still stuck on getting your book published. We got your back. We make sure that your piece of art reaches the targeted audience with full zeal and commitment. The publishing team at Instant Books Publishers provides a robust, fast, and smooth way of publishing your customized book.

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Instant Book Publishers is a pro in the marketing field. It’s just because of their efforts that I appeared on several TV and radio shows, and have been featured in Forbes, USA today, and many other journals. I witnessed a spike in my book sales after I started working with them. Their team is highly professional with their work. It won’t be wrong to say that they under-promise and over-deliver. Although, it’s not possible to measure the exact effect of their services, however, I have observed nearly a million dollars increase in revenue ever since I started working with them.

Increase your book sales

Increase your book sales and expand your readership by implementing strategic marketing tactics tailored to your target audience. Start by optimizing your book’s metadata, including title, description, and keywords, to improve its visibility in online searches. Leverage social media platforms to engage with readers, share compelling content, and build a loyal fan base. Consider running targeted advertising campaigns on platforms like Amazon, Facebook, and BookBub to reach potential readers who may be interested in your genre. Collaborate with book bloggers, influencers, and other authors to widen your reach and gain exposure within your niche community. Offer promotions, discounts, or limited-time deals to incentivize readers to purchase your book. Don’t forget to gather and respond to reader reviews, as positive feedback can significantly impact sales and attract new readers. By implementing these strategies consistently and creatively, you can effectively boost your book sales and achieve greater success as an author.

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At our publishing site, we pride ourselves on fostering a supportive and nurturing environment for authors of all backgrounds and genres. Whether you’re seeking technical assistance or simply a friendly ear to bounce ideas off of, our team is here to empower you on your publishing journey. With our 24-hour support, you can rest assured that help is always at hand whenever inspiration strikes or questions arise.

You name it, we’ll write it!

Increase your book sales

Elevate your book sales with proven strategies designed to boost visibility, engagement, and conversion. Optimize your book's online presence with eye-catching visuals and compelling descriptions. Engage with your audience through social media, offering sneak peeks and exclusive content. Harness the power of email marketing to nurture relationships and drive sales with targeted promotions. Utilize targeted advertising on platforms like Amazon and Facebook to reach readers interested in your genre.

Be on the list of top sellers

Secure your place among the top sellers in your genre with a strategic approach tailored to your unique strengths and audience. Elevate your book's visibility by crafting compelling marketing messages and leveraging targeted advertising campaigns. Engage with your readers authentically through social media, email newsletters, and interactive content on your website. Optimize your book's presence on platforms like Amazon by refining keywords, enhancing descriptions, and running promotions to drive sales

Get your book published instantly

Transform your publishing dreams into reality instantly with our streamlined platform. Gone are the lengthy waits and complicated processes of traditional publishing—now you can see your book in print or online within hours. Our user-friendly interface guides you through every step, from uploading your manuscript to customizing your cover design. With instant access to distribution channels like Amazon and beyond.

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Our professional ghostwriting services are comprised of a 360-degree approach leaving no corner for disappointments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I locate a professional ghostwriter to hire and what does one entail?

A ghostwriter is a professional writer who creates content on behalf of another party. The client is frequently acknowledged as the author while the ghostwriter remains anonymous. Ghostwriters for hire are often hired to complete various forms of writing such as books, articles, speeches, and blog entries.

How to get a ghostwriter for hire is as follows:

Websites for Freelancers: Websites like Instant Book Publishers offer a pool of freelance writers, including ghostwriters. It is possible to post your project, review submissions, and choose a writer based on qualifications.

Is the Ghostwriting Service ethical?

The ethics of ghostwriting depend on the specific arrangement between the ghostwriter and the client. In many cases, transparency about the ghostwriter’s involvement is considered ethical. However, confidentiality is also common, especially in sensitive or personal projects.

Can a ghostwriter for hire write a whole book?
Indeed, professional ghostwriters are skilled enough to write the entire book for you. You can get your book written in accordance with your comprehension if you communicate with the ghostwriter and provide them with your criteria.

Skilled ghostwriters can communicate effectively. As a result, you will get assistance in crafting your idea and turning it into a narrative.

Your committed ghostwriter will work closely with you to collect all the information required to get the project off the ground. This may involve fact-checking, background research, and an editorial evaluation based on the work you have already produced. After conducting research, they assist the customer in creating outlines, creating both static and dynamic characters, and crafting excellent descriptions.

Overall, unless you request differently, a professional ghostwriter completes the entire project cycle.
How are ghostwriters credited?
Usually, ghostwriters for hire don’t get paid for their contributions. The customer is referred to as the content’s sole originator because they are employed as ghostwriters who operate in the background.

But in the end, the clients decide who gets credited. While some clients might choose to give the writer credit in the book’s credits section, others might prefer to appreciate the writer’s effort in private.

The client has the last say over whether or not to grant work credit. We at 360 Book Services don’t claim ownership of the work. After the project is finished, we give the customer 100% copyrights. Whether in public or private, it is solely the client’s responsibility, as the credited author, to acknowledge our work.
Do you offer discounts or promotions for your ghost writing service?
Of course! On occasion, depending on the event, particular conditions, and availability, we provide discounts and promotions. Numerous variables, including project type, scope, and bundle services, can affect these offers.

If you would like to get updates about our deals, please follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter. These channels will give you up-to-date details on our exclusive deals so you can get the most out of your investment.
Do you guarantee confidentiality for your ghost writing services?
Indeed, we do! Our ghostwriting company promises complete secrecy for all of our services. Working as ghostwriters has given us the opportunity to select the most loved and morally upright procedures along the route.

We respect your right to privacy and take every precaution to safeguard all of your personal data. We sign a contract to maintain high-level security measures for your data, and we abide by the stringent confidentiality code.

You may be confident that the people you trust will continue to hold your views. Please speak with one of our representatives for additional information.
Which genres are gladly accepted by ghostwriters?

Professional ghostwriters are adaptable and have experience with a variety of genres, such as business, self-help, memoirs, fiction, and non-fiction. The genres in which a ghostwriter specializes are generally determined by their level of experience.

What skills are prerequisites for ghostwriting?
Writing requires a variety of adaptable talents, which are essential for ghostwriters. A ghostwriter must first have a great grasp of language, syntax, and storytelling in addition to creative writing abilities.

Secondly, a ghostwriter must be capable of doing extensive research and prepared to refute any ideas he may have that are founded on fallacies.

Third, in order to guarantee high-quality content, a competent ghostwriter must be committed, flexible, and adhere to moral standards.

Thus, the necessary competence of a ghostwriter includes having a thorough understanding of the client’s vision, communicating effectively, producing well-researched, plagiarism-free, top-notch content, and upholding a positive working relationship.

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Now let’s begin writing your book! To arrange a consultation and go over your project in greater detail, just contact us via our website or give us a call. Our ghostwriting company is eager to assist you in realizing your aspirations of being a published author.
Whether you’re seeking information about our ghostwriting services or need specific assistance we understand the importance of your queries. Expect a swift response from one of our knowledgeable Customer Support Representatives. Or you can contact us at

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